Whether you are building your website, submitting for a show, creating giclees or just posting to social media - you want the images of your artwork to be perfect.  You also want to make sure that your digital images are protected and cannot be used without your permission.  Gallery at Studio j can provide you with professional quality images of your work to exacting specifications for large detailed giclees and those art show specifications of pixels, colorspace, dpi, MB, etc. 

Jesse McLaughlin was the photographer for the Art Department at Reed College in Portland, Oregon for four years.  His images where used in lectures, presentations, and research projects.  He has photographed works on exhibit in museums, including pre-Columbian artifacts and the entirety of Chinese scrolls.  He has also been photographing local artists' work in the Denver area for the past four years.  


Photographing Artwork

$15 per 2-Dimensional Artwork

$25 per 3-Dimensional Artwork


Each peice of art is lit with custom lighting and photographed with a High-Resolution Digital SLR Camera

Post processing color correction and cropping on a calibrated monitor directly in front of the artwork to ensure color and lighting accuracy.

High resolution TIF file for full reproduction detail (giclee reproductions, portfolios, magazines, books)

Low resolution JPEG file for website, facebook, google+, documentation/inventory, email, or art show entry submissions.

Files can be delivered electronically, on a cd, or a provided usb drive.  

Digital Proof delivered for approval / Satisfaction Guarantee 

Additional Services: TBD

Let me know what your specific needs are ahead of time (max 768 pixels vertical edge, 1024 pixels with black background, file no larger than 4mb, etc)

Watermarks Applied

Large pieces requiring multiple shots and merged to create a large file for large printing needs.  (around a gigabyte)

Works requiring advanced photographic technique such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) to capture the full range of color (not common).

Photographic Prints

Giclees on Art Paper


There is a minimum charge of $45 unless your art is currently being displayed in the gallery.  These prices are for images taken at my studio, Gallery at Studio j.  Artist is responsible for delivery and pickup of all artwork, unless other arrangements have been made.

2-3 day turn around once the artwork has been photographed (often faster).