Third Friday Collectors' Night

Come join us for Third Friday Collectors' Night at the gallery.  This event will be held on Friday, February 20th, 2015.  We are open from noon to 8pm.  Collector's Night is a more subdued art walk in the Arts District on Santa Fe.  Our exhibiting artists are in attendance to answer any questions about their art and to just have a great night meeting new people.  We serve light refreshments and provide live ambient music by professional harpist Virginia Burdine. 

Our exhibiting artists are Mary Lou Blackledge, Kathryn Oberdorfer, and Jahe Smith. 

"My work develops at the intersection of physics, chemistry and alchemy. I build my paintings in layers of transparent water media, shepherding the molecular energy of water along with the chemical properties of the pigments into a vibrant cohesion of abstract form and color. I search for the dynamic universe inside the surface of the seen, physical world.  This is where one finds unfathomable wonders. 

I believe that each life form possesses, inside its visible exterior shape, a startling and intricate composite of character traits and emotional essence. In my paintings, the small elements within the primary figure reveal a host of interwoven faces, figures and are strewn with riddles and dreamlike landscapes. "

-A selection from Mary Lou's Artist Statement